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Perhaps you have been in the wild? If so, what did you take with you? You may have taken a lot of gadgets with you so you do not have any problems. But what if you find yourself in the wild with nothing on you? How would you deal with this situation? What would you do to survive? Given below are a few suggestions fromĀ Schertz Wildlife Removal that might help you.
1: Don’t panic
It can be unsettling to find yourself alone in a survival situation. You may get nervous in no time. You need some outdoor survival skills to survive in an unexpected situation. The first thing you will need to do is control your panic and remain calm. This way you can escape this difficult situation by making the proper decisions.
2: Establish Your Priorities
The next thing you need to do is set your priorities. Food should not be your number one priority. You can survive for three weeks even if you don’t eat much. What you need to do is stay warm if the outside temperature is too low. If at all possible, stay dry. Water should be your number one priority should you the weather is warm.
3: Lighting a Fire
If you don’t have a match on you in the wild, how would you light a fire? You need three things for this purpose: a spark, gas and oxygen. You can use flint and steel or a magnifying glass.
4: Making a Smoke Signal
As soon as you have started a fire, your next move is to send a signal so others could see you out there. For this purpose, you may make a smoke signal. All you have to do is collect some bits of timber and dry leaves and then set them to fire. This will make smoke which will go up in the atmosphere, and hopefully the rescue party will come to you.
5: Sustain a Fire
Lighting and keeping a fire burning is tough in wet weather. However, you can use a few tips. In light rain, the fire might not get effected. Just ensure that you try to find dry wood as dry wood is difficult to stop when it’s set on fire. Another tip is to look for pine and leaves that have needles .
6: Building a Shelter
A shelter can protect you in the wildlife and cold outside. Just ensure you don’t construct the shelter on a place that’s damp. In the same way, avoid building one on top of hills or highlands. You may bamboo sticks or twigs and leaves to build a mound.
So, these are a couple of tips that might help you survive in the wild when nobody is around to help you. Just make sure that you note down the key tips and keep them in mind. You may not have any idea when you could get into trouble. Stay prepared is the only thing to do.

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